• Bethan Sutton

Why you NEED to have your photoshoot at sunset

I'll often suggest a time for a shoot that's very late in the day, it can be off putting (and I will TOTALLY shoot in the middle of the day if it suits your needs better)

Here are my reasons for encouraging you to make the most of the golden hour...

1. More freedom to choose a location. If we’re headed for an exposed spot in the middle of the day (the beach, which I’m sure you’re probably considering if you’re searching for a photographer in Moray ;) ) Then there is not going to be as much of a chance to capture your family candidly, as I have to be hyper-aware of where the light is and do a lot more posing.

2. Dreamy, sun-flooded images. In the hour before sunset, widely-known as the ‘golden hour’ everything takes on a beautiful, golden, soft look that is impossible to emulate through editing! It doesn’t matter whether you’re back-lit or facing the sun, everyone in the pictures takes on a healthy glow.

3. It’s only one day, it’s not going to mess up anyone’s sleep schedule. I know we all live in fear of cranky kids, but trust me, it’s worth it. If there is any time to bribe, it is now. Don’t worry about them being too hyper, it’s fine; some of the best images are captured when everyone’s running a little wild.

4. There are LESS PEOPLE. Apart from a few sunset chasers and sometimes some tipsy bbqers, any location we choose will usually be pretty deserted. This is important for being able to relax in front of the camera and have a bit of fun! It also means I have less people in the background to Photoshop out of your final images (something I do as standard, because who wants randomers on their walls)

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